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Injury Treatment and Rehabilitation
Injury Treatment and Rehabilitation
Our focus is on providing professional clinical consulting services aimed at preventing injury, or rehabilitating and returning injured individuals to employment and pre injury status as quickly as possible..... read more
Workplace Rehabilitation
Workplace Rehabilitation and Return to Work Services
The Injury Management Programme at Fraser Coast Rehabilitation Centre is designed to meet the needs of the injured employee, the employer, insurance companies, case management and physicians.... read more
Pre Employment Medicals
Pre Employment Medicals and Work Fitness Assessments
Pre-employment or company medicals are now an integral component of any injury prevention solution, designed to identify possible risk factors due to pre-existing ailments..... read more
Hand and Upper Limb Therapy
Hand and Upper Limb Therapy Clinic Maryborough
Our hand therapists work closely with physicians and clients to provide a continuum of care. Treatment often begins within days of the injury or surgery and continues until the client has returned to work..... read more
Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy treatment can be provided in the home in order to teach techniques that will improve patient's safety and decrease the effort involved in completing self care activities..... read more